I am running for Millburn BOE because I care deeply about our community and want all of our children to be the best they could possibly be and be well prepared for their future. As a business owner and working mother with two children just beginning their education in our District, my concerns are the same to those of every other busy moms or dads in this community about their children. I will be the voice for excellence and high expectations on this board of education: a voice that will mirror your own. I am well qualified  as a candidate for the Millburn board of education because I understand academic environments and have the business acumen to make sound decisions. 

With my academic expertise, I will ensure our policies and Board priorities are focused on preparing our children with education for the 21st century.  As a thought leader I will explore creative and successful ideas from across the US and globe to maintain and further improve the legendary reputation of the Millburn public school education system.

As a former Assistant Professor and graduate school research director,  I am very aware of the global competitiveness impacting the US universities and job market.   My life experiences and choices in education and career have been greatly influenced by globalization and the demand for expertise in STEM.

Considering my business, financial, strategic, analytical and managerial background, I will focus on the fiscal responsibility, accountability, and transparency of our board of education and District Administration. I will reach out to the community to hear your aspirations and dreams for our children and District that will help determine the board of educations priorities and plans.