SPRINGFIELD, NJ - Frankie Sarracino of Boy Scout Troop #73 of Springfield had an inspiration during his first camping trip.  He came with an idea for his Eagle Scout project.  It was to build a flag retirement facility at the Chisholm Community Center.

Only a few organizations are allowed to retire flags and the Boy Scouts are one of them..  Some others include the Girl Scouts, members of the Military, and the Elks.

To be an Eagle Scout project, approval must come from the Troop's leadership and then it must be completed. Frankie got the commitment for his troop leadership to do the project.  It included building a container by the Chisholm parking lot for the collection of retired flags, installing benches and trees, and doing landscaping. Boy Scout Troop # 73, consisting of 25 boys, enlisted the help of friends and family and established a “GoFundMe” site. They raised approximately $1,000. 

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According to Frankie, local retailers also contributed to the cause.  He said a special thanks was due to Home Depot, Sherwin Williams and Williams Nursery for their donation of building materials, paint and two trees.  The Township of Springfield Department of Public Works installed two benches.

The Flag Retirement Box Inaugural Ceremony is scheduled on Flag Day, Thursday, June 14 at 6:00 p.m. at the Chisholm Community Center back parking lot.