The judges have just selected the eight films that will be shown at the Millburn Film Fest Red Carpet Premiere event to be held on Wednesday, April 11 at 7 p.m. at Millburn High School. “The Film Festival sponsored by the Education Foundation of Millburn - Short Hills provides an opportunity for the district to showcase how our students can express a powerful message through the images, words, and music they blend into their short films.  On a bigger scale, it shares with the community how elementary, middle and the high school have embraced the tools of technology to accommodate the way our students use media to communicate and learn in the 21st Century.  It should not be overlooked that the fundraising conducted by the Education Foundation, as well as school PTO's, has had a significant impact on our district's ability to infuse technology and create a culture of learning that is interactive, creative, collaborative and ever-changing.”  Mr. Michael Cahill, Millburn Middle School Principal.

This year at the film fest we will be screening “Dear Savannah”, “Human”, “In Plain Sight”, “Julie-O”, “Look Up”, “Not Again!”, “Skyping Ben”, and “Talk to Me”.  “Dear Savannah,” created by 8th grader Shannon Peng, is a drama that shows how a young girl has overcome her insecurities and revived her confidence.  “Human” is a narrative about learning not to judge yourself and your peers so harshly and was created by 10th grader Amanda Prager.  “In Plain Sight” is a short film that's sure to put a backwards spin on things and is created by Millburn High School freshman Max Retik and Livingston High School freshman Tyler Corsello.  “Julie-O” has been selected to be screened at two other festivals and has won first place in the 2011 WHYY Youth Media Awards.  The film features 11th grade cellist Brandon Cho and was created by 11th graders Jake Oleson and Will Politan.  “Look Up” takes you on a young boy’s journey of how he never gives up on his dream and was created by Jake Oleson and Amanda Prager.  “Not Again!” is a comedy created by 6th grader Ethan Muhlon that is about how a young boy will go to great lengths to avoid getting in trouble.   “Skyping Ben,” created by Millburn High School senior Matthew Taylor, is a thought provoking film that features an original score composed by 12th grader Avishek Pramanik.  “Talk to Me,” a drama created by Jake Oleson, Tara Anglade, and Miranda Kosher, reminds us never take for granted that you will have the opportunity to talk to someone again.

The Ed Foundation and the Academy Award Sponsors HSBC Premier Bank and New York Film Academy have made this fun family event possible.  Get your tickets online now at  If you can’t make it to the Red Carpet Premiere on April 11, join us at the encore performance on Wednesday morning, April 18 at 10 a.m. at the Millburn Clearview Cinema. 

“See You at the Movies!”