To the Editor:

I am writing to wholeheartedly endorse and support Richard Wasserman and Mayor Dianne Thall-Eglow for Township Committee in next week’s election.  They both merit support.  First, on a positive note, we need to continue the work that Dianne and the new Democratic majority on the Township Committee have undertaken to bring new growth and development to our town.  Just compare downtown Millburn to downtown Summit or Maplewood.  Thanks to the Complete Streets debacle, it’s quite clear that our neighboring towns enjoy thriving downtowns, while we do not.  We need the Mayor’s experience and commitment combined with Richard’s business savvy to help bring Millburn forward rather than unnaturally fixating on the past “character” of the town.  While I was not present at the debate this past week that so disturbed Priya Patel in her letter to TAP, it should be clear that we do not need more “don’t” from candidates and elected officials.  We need more “can”. 

Let’s help Millburn turn the corner to a more vibrant 2020s and ensure that our elected representatives reflect forward-looking values.  I urge my fellow residents to vote for Dianne and Richard on Tuesday. 

  • David Boyko