In my tenure as Republican Club Leader of West Orange, I have seen many candidates come and go. What I have looked for in each one is a dedication to serving the great citizens of this district I love. From the first time I met Q, I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that he holds  these Ideals of service at the forefront of his mind both in his everyday life, and in his plan for a fresh start in Trenton.

The great troubles facing our state require great leadership.  Our state cannot continue as it is now. We need a leader who is willing to stand up to the status quo and bring the voice of the people back to Trenton. Q Rim is the kind of leader who will work tirelessly to bridge the divide between politics and the public it serves, and once again make the families of our state the focus of its legislation.

In the time I have known Q and watched his campaign, I have seen a remarkable desire to bring the communities of our district together. He has attended events for local groups of every culture. Earlier this month, he and I hosted a Stand with Israel event and I know he is a true friend to the Jewish community and every community in this diverse district. I hope you all get out and vote for Q on November 3rd. Together we can bring a new day to Trenton. 

Mark Meyerowitz, Chairman, Republican Club of W. Orange