MILLBURN, NJ - Filing deadline for Millburn School Board candidates is 4 p.m., Monday, July 25.  If you have a passion for the education of Millburn Township students, qualified candidates are encouraged to apply.  The annual schoold board election is November 8.

This year Millburn Township Board of Education president Michael King and vice president Emily Jaffe terms are ending.  King and Jaffe have not officially announced their candidacy for another term.  John Westfall-Kwong, former president of the Millburn BOE and current board member, has stated he has no intention at this time to run again.

To become a member of a local board of education in New Jersey, you must—

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  • Be able to read and write

  • Hold U.S. citizenship and one year’s residency in the school dis- trict

  • Be registered to vote in the district before ling the nominating petition

  • Have no interest in any contract with, or claim against, the board

  • Not hold of ce as mayor or member of the municipal governing body or, in the case of county school districts, the county govern- ing body

  • Not simultaneously hold two elective of ces

  • Not be disqualifed from membership for the conviction of certain crimes. (Within 30 days of election or appointment to the board, a member must undergo a criminal history background investi- gation through the state Department of Education.)

  • For more information about becoming a candidate, please visit