MILLBURN, NJ – Millburn Township Committee members Sandra Haimoff and Robert Tillotson were re-elected mayor and deputy mayor, respectively, during last night’s reorganization meeting.

Also at the session, new member Sari Greenberg was sworn in for a three-year term and Tillotson was sworn in for a second term.

Haimoff gave a state of the township address, which she opened by noting that 2011 started out as a calm and quiet year.

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“Then came August,” she said.” Irene stormed in and on her heels, a rare October snowstorm barreled into the township, downing trees and limbs heavy with leaves and snapping power lines. These two events presented us with new challenges and veered us off course for a period of time.”

With regard to storm flood remediation, Haimoff said recognizing that all of the problems caused by the Rahway River could not be solved by the township alone, officials reached out to the upstream and downstream towns.

“That resulted in the formation of the Mayors Coalition on the Rahway River,” she said, adding that on Dec. 22 she met with the mayors of the coalition, their business administrators and engineers in Trenton, where they spoke to representatives of the Army Corps of Engineers and the Department of Environmental Protection.

The engineers agreed to include Campbell’s Pond, Diamond Mill Pond and the Orange Reservoir in their ongoing plans and conceptual designs for flood damage reduction, she continued.

“This was a big step in resolving part of our storm flooding problem at no cost to Millburn,” the mayor noted.

Projects she highlighted for the upcoming year include construction of a parking deck, demolition of the Rimback building on Essex Street and storm and sewer improvements in the South Mountain area.

Haimoff also said the committee is exploring the possibility of sharing municipal court operations with a nearby community.

“Public safety is one of our paramount concerns,” she said. “We are investigating more safety measures such as installing cameras at strategic places. Lighting is another source of concern, and we have been working with JCP&L not only to insure that we don’t have another power outage that lasts for 12 days, but that our street lights are replaced quickly when they burn out.”

The mayor said she has met with officers of JCP&L, and “I must say that I’ve been yessed to death."

“They agree with everything and say they will ‘take care of it,’ but days go by and nothing gets done,” she said. “We will be applying pressure to the Board of Public Utilities as they are the ones who control the utilities while pursuing any other available remedies.”

Township Clerk Joanne Monarque opened the session, which lasted about half an hour, and administered the oath of office to Greenberg and Tillotson. She then called for nominations for mayor, and once Haimoff was nominated and elected, Monarque ceded the center seat to Haimoff.

Haimoff then presided over the rest of the meeting, calling for nominations for deputy mayor and announcing mayoral appointments, mayoral appointments with the consent of the committee and Township Committee appointments.