MILLBURN, NJ – This summer may be a little sweeter, thanks to an ordinance passed by the Township Committee this week, which will allow ice cream trucks to do business in the township.

“I can’t help but think of this as being Peyton’s Ordinance,” said Committeewoman Sandra Haimoff, referring to Peyton Conn, the eight-year old resident who petitioned the Committee back in August to allow the trucks in town.

Prior to this new ordinance, the selling and delivering of merchandise from parked vehicles was prohibited.

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“There are so many reasons why ice cream trucks would be good for Millburn,” Peyton said back in August. “Number one: It builds strong community and sense of neighborhood. Kids would come out and start playing.”

In passing the ordinance, Haimoff noted that the trucks would not be allowed venues where the township is operating concession stands. There will also be restrictions in place as to the hours of operation and allowed roads and locations.