KENILWORTH, NJ – Last Saturday John Mauro had just finished work at the Kenilworth Fire Station where he is the deputy chief. All he wanted to do was go home and watch his beloved Yankees in the playoffs in peace. Little did he know he would become an internet star six hours later.

Mauro explained the story, “I came home from the firehouse. Nobody’s at home and it’s completely quiet. At 5:15 my wife and two daughters came back from shopping and that is when all hell broke loose. They wouldn’t stop talking and all I wanted to do was watch the Yankee game.” At the moment as Mauro’s annoyance grew stronger his daughter Dani decided to make a video of her father’s reaction to the interruption. His youngest daughter Rae sparked his intensity when she said "I wish not to talk with you right now."  Mauro states, “I can go crazy at any given second. My daughter Dani really triggers me every moment she can and she always has that video on me so I never know when I’m being recorded.”

Dani posted the video to her Instagram account @danimaruo and from the responses and likes she received, Barstool Sports, a popular sports and pop culture blog covering the latest news and viral highlights everyday with blogs, videos and podcasts, contacted her. Barstool Sports titled the video “Don’t mess with dad while he’s watching the Yankees” and once the video was posted it went viral across the country. The video can be seen here on Barstool Sports facebook page where over 3.9 K people have watched the video and over 2.2 K people made comments. Barstool also posted the video to their Instagram and Twitter pages. So far on Twitter Mauro has 346.2 K views, 1.6 K Retweets and 11.3K likes and on Instagram over 2 million views. “When the video went on Barstool Sports my phone blew up. It was on fire. At one point I had to shut if off because I was at work.”

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Dani is thrilled with her father’s immediate internet fame. “I posted this particular video because I was cracking up watching it over and over again and though everyone could use a laugh. I’ve posted a few videos of my dad’s antics because he is always that crazy. But this one blew up out of nowhere!”  Dani only has admiration for her father. “My dad is truly the hardest working person I know. He grew up in very rough conditions and hasn’t always had an easy life but his sense of humor has always gotten himself and my family though tough times.” Dani is a senior at The College Of New Jersey and now thanks to this video “she’s a celebrity there” her father says.

Mauro is getting widespread national acclaim. Just this morning Mauro spoke to Kelly Ford from 94.7 for an interview at 6:15 a.m. When asked about Mauro’s new fame he says, “It’s crazy how far this has gone. It’s very entertaining to say the least.” Mauro is thoroughly enjoying the moment. He heard his clip was played at the Yankee Club House, but he cannot verify that. Mauro has not heard from the Yankees, but if he does that would make him the happiest man.