Am I biased in supporting my wife, Jodi Rosenberg, for Township Committee?  Absolutely. 

As a nurturing mother of our three children - one at Millburn Middle School, two at Millburn High School - Jodi has instilled in them a strong sense of independence, self-confidence and courage.  She does not guide them with mere words; rather, she teaches through her actions, integrity and fearlessness.

As for her professional life, Jodi founded and runs a thriving law firm from her offices overlooking Millburn Avenue.  She zealously advocates on behalf of her clients, who greatly respect her sound judgment, rely on her well-reasoned advice, and appreciate her straight talk.  She is greatly admired for her candor, diligence and empathy, advising her clients as to what they need to hear, not simply what they may want to hear.

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Jodi also serves as a court-approved mediator.  In this trusted capacity, Jodi’s services are routinely sought out based on her experience and innate ability to listen carefully and objectively to both sides in order to reach amicable resolutions.  She understands fully that the best outcomes are based on finding common ground.

Jodi is also devoted to charitable causes.  For decades, she has been involved with The Valerie Fund, a Maplewood-based non-profit that provides cancer-treatment for children and support for their families.  In addition to serving on the Fund’s Board of Directors, she also acted as a volunteer counselor at a sleep-away camp the Fund runs each summer.   In addition, Jodi has served on the Board of Directors of JESPY House, an organization that supports the needs of individuals with developmental disabilities.

Jodi has also devoted her time to our community in other ways.  Whether it is overseeing the production of annual school plays, serving as team mom, or judging high school mock trial programs, her dedication to children and education is enviable.

In addition, through her appointment on the Township’s Community Service Award Committee, Jodi has a proven track record of serving our community.  She fully understands how our town and its government functions.  

So, am I biased in my support of Jodi for Township Committee?  Without question.  Is it justifiable?  Without a doubt.  And did I mention we belong to different political parties? Jodi is someone is worth crossing party lines for, and I am not just saying this to preserve my marriage.

Join me at the polls on Tuesday, November 3rd in supporting Jodi, an amazing woman of boundless energy who gets things done, has selflessly supported so many for so long, and who will most certainly continue to champion the needs of our entire community.  

Daniel Rosenberg