I am writing in support of the re-election of Mayor Dianne Thall-Eglow to the township committee of Millburn/Short Hills

Running a town is hard.  It requires attention to detail, an amazing amount of time and work and a belief in transparency, inclusiveness and fiscal responsibility.  Mayor Eglow has demonstrated these qualities. Every day she is at town hall talking with employees, listening to the townspeople and interviewing traffic engineers, attorneys and auditors.  Whether it's a new turf next to the library for our kids to play on, ordinances that make it easy for new businesses to join our downtown, working with the environmental groups to ban plastic bags, establishing a committee to look at pedestrian safety or making sure that every dollar is wisely spent, she gets the job done.

Bringing people together on the many issues that the community faces is a challenge that requires empathy, patience, perseverance and ability to solve problems.  These are skills Mayor Eglow has demonstrated in abundance.  She has helped make this a town where people choose to live, raise their children and grow old. This is a town I am proud to call home.

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Please re-elect Mayor Diane Thall-Eglow.


Thank you. 


Trina N. Frankel, M.D.