Dear Editor,

The current debate regarding the two Chinese schools trying to establish themselves in Millburn illuminates how wrongheaded these proposals are.  Aside from the fact that our town simply does not have the physical road infrastructure to support these schools, the implications to our town are significant and will not benefit the greater community if either of these schools are approved. 

Our town has long been welcoming to new residents, but this is the first time that a group is asking to use our taxpayer-funded schools on a large scale long term weekend use for thirty weeks.  Other groups have come here and invested in the community, built houses of worship and community centers, and have become permanent parts of the town without burdening or involving the rest of the community.  The same should be expected in this situation.

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As shown by the Livingston Huaxia School, the introduction of a weekend school in a public school building requires both the BOE and the Township to continue to spend much time and money in managing issues related to the weekend school.  BOE and TC meetings regularly hear complaints from residents about parking, traffic, vandalism, behavioral problems caused by the Livingston Huaxia School.  Other towns with Huaxia Schools report similar issues.  There is just lots of handholding required from both the Township and BOE to manage these schools at the expense of other urgent matters. I suspect that is why we are seeing the sudden requests for the opening of two Chinese schools here – to help alleviate the problems in Livingston. There is no reason for us to assume Livingston's problems and to subject our town to these issues.

Lastly, these are regional schools and do not necessarily serve the town’s constituents.  Why should we be inconvenienced and forced to support these schools that don’t even serve our community?

This is an election year and the town’s voters are certainly paying close attention as to how our local elected officials deal with the myriad of issues facing the community from the community’s push back to the Mack-Cali site proposal to this latest issue with the proposed weekend schools.  Please make the right choices for the benefit of our larger community.


Eric Model

81 Whitney Rd.