As a person who travels from Roseland to my home in Springfield every afternoon, I am getting sick and tired of the callous disregard of the law and of violation of safe driving practices on Morris Turnpike, especially near the entrance to Route 24 West. Each of the crossovers from Morris Turnpike to the highway is a STOP STREET. That does not mean you wait until the first opportunity you can see to cut off another driver coming East on Morris Turnpike and then hit the gas and cross in front of them. It means you come to a complete stop BEHIND THE STOPLINE MARKED ON THE PAVEMENT AND DO NOT CROSS MORRIS TURNPIKE TO GET ONTO THE HIGHWAY UNTIL YOU HAVE THE ABSOLUTE RIGHT-OF-WAY. Until the way is clear, drivers coming East on Morris Turnpike have the absolute right-of-way. If you cut off another driver who is traveling East on Morris Turnpike you absolutely should be pulled over and delayed for several minutes by law enforcement while you get a summons. If police studies show many drivers violating this, then officials should double the penalty for each offense.

At another dangerous crossing point--Cleveland Place--I think all left turns from that street to go West on Morris Turnpike should be prohibited at all times. If this is not possible, it should be done, at a minimum, from 3 to 5 pm. Those violating this also should be fined heavily.

We need more driver common sense. If we don't get that, then more summonses and violator bankruptcy through stiff fines should be the rule of the day.

- Bob Faszczewski