We made the right choice in first electing Dianne Thall Eglow To the Town Council. We all benefited as she was appointed Mayor 

Again and again, she's made smart decisions that helped Millburn succeed in changing times.

I met Dianne 2 years ago. Her dedication to our community convinced many of us to pitch in and help.

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We all know politics can be divisive and emotionally charged, especially when our tax dollars are being spent. We are a diverse community and can't afford a single issue candidate. The government works for us, and we need a candidate that balances all the issues that concern us -- everything from parking to taxes to our kids' safety. 

Dianne’s commitment to the town made the new turf field a reality. I sit on the Town  Recreation Commission, and she worked with the Commission, the Town Government, and the BOE to get it done. 

This was a win for all of us - not any individual organization.

And we need more results like this.  

Dianne understands the issues affecting not only the Township, but also merchants, commercial property owners, tourists, and of course, our citizens.   

She works with them all to find the best resolutions for the challenges that come up.. 

Dianne also makes it her mission to dine and shop in town daily, which shows her commitment to a vibrant downtown. She is on the frontlines, working hard to bring more business to our restaurants and events.

Let's keep moving our town forward.

Re-electing Dianne on LINE A is the right next step. 

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Your Friend,

Scott J Redler