Susan P. Ascher, Founder, President and CEO of, The Ascher Group and The Sphere of Excellence in Communication ™, was recently interviewed by Host, Bert Baron on WCTC-AM Radio Jersey Central show, to discuss how golf can be the most prominent networking tool. 

Businesses put a high value on personal relationships. Whether it's medical, law, real estate, or insurance, getting to know a client in an up front, personal way is what counts. The golf course is a very effective platform to build a relationship face-to-face with a captive audience. As Susan states, "The qualities people value in business (honesty, confidence and composure) are what count on the's not what you score, it's how you connect!". 

Please click here to listen to the entire interview.

A serial author, Susan’s newest book,  Dude, Seriously, Get Your ASK in Gear!, was just published (2014) and is a compilation of chapters on what we as leaders need to ask ourselves to succeed and stay relevant in The Digital Age.   It continues the success of her first book, Dude, Seriously, It's NOT All About You!, (published 2011), her rant on protocol and  communications in the 24/7 nanosecond New Millennium.