MILLBURN, NJ - With the holiday season approaching, Millburn residents may be looking for a special treat for their families. MHS Junior Mallory Podell believes she holds the secret ingredient to a sweet and tasty experience. Podell is the owner and operator of Mallory’s Calories, a small cupcake business she runs out of her kitchen; she prides herself in baking custom cupcakes in many flavors.

It all started in January of 2015. Podell was looking for a hobby as a freshman in MHS. She began to surf the internet in search for her niche, and began to avidly watch baking videos on YouTube. Inspired by what she saw, she decided to give baking a try. She eventually trained herself to the point where she was able to publicize and sell her cupcakes to the Millburn/Short Hills residents.

The town quickly embraced the custom products, calling upon Podell during graduations, birthdays, and any special occasion. She has grown her business through word of mouth, Workmom, Instagram, and Facebook.

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As the orders pile up, and her high school career progresses, Podell has grown busier by the “dozen”. “I just don’t stop until it’s done, and so I’m up and doing things for a really long time. Some days, I will do it over the weekend, and it is more calm. I have gotten really good at it, and really fast at baking.”

In the academic and extracurricular environment that is Millburn High School, Podell has become an inspirational figure. With each cupcake, comes a message. “I think Mallory's Calories sends the message that you can do whatever your heart desires. Not everyone has to be the stereotypical sports star. If you have a passion try and achieve it; there is no harm in trying. Don't give up.”

Of course, since Podell is a Junior, she will most likely be unable to continue with Mallory’s Calories after her 2018 graduation. She is unsure whether she will pursue a career in food or another field. However, she is certain that she will continue her passion in the kitchen. She will also undoubtedly take from her experience in Mallory’s Calories. “I have learned that patience is key Podell said. “Even if things do not turn out as planned keep trying and you will get there.”

You can follow Mallory’s Calories on Instagram at mallorys.calories, and on Facebook at Mallory’s Calories. You can also place an order by emailing Mallory Podell at