MILLBURN, NJ - The voters in Millburn Township may face a ballot question on Complete Streets when they hit the polls on Tuesday, November 7. Committeewoman Dianne Eglow initiated the process to call for a non-binding referendum on the November ballot. The motion has been submitted to Mayor Cheryl Burstein requesting that the issue is added to the Township Committee agenda for their upcoming meeting. If approved for the agenda, then the members of the Township Committee could vote on the motion on Tuesday. 

The referendum question regarding the Complete Streets Project reads, “Shall the Township Committee discontinue the Complete Streets Project following the completion of the construction of Phase 1 and consider other alternatives and measures to evaluate traffic and pedestrian circulation and safety in the downtown." 

New Jersey statute 19:37-1 governing referendums states:

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When the governing body of any municipality or of any county desires to ascertain the sentiment of the legal voters of the municipality or county upon any question or policy pertaining to the government or internal affairs thereof, and there is no other statute by which the sentiment can be ascertained by the submission of such question to a vote of the electors in the municipality or county at any election to be held therein, the governing body may adopt at any regular meeting an ordinance or a resolution requesting the clerk of the county to print upon the official ballots to be used at the next ensuing general election a certain proposition to be formulated and expressed in the ordinance or resolution in concise form. Such request shall be filed with the clerk of the county not later than 81 days previous to the election.

The Millburn Township Committee is set to meet at a regular meeting on Tuesday, August 15. There is no official statement on the status of the request as of Wednesday close of business. Media inquiries were not returned at the time of publication.