The residents of Millburn voted today and elected Jodi Rosenberg as its newest member to the township committee.  Election results came in shortly after the polls closed as districts began reporting to town hall.  Democratic candidate Dianne Eglow won the majority of absentee voters as well as winning in six districts. Rosenberg swept 10 districts winning the largest margin in District 13.  Overall, the race was relatively close, giving Rosenberg a margin of 195 votes to give her the win.

Rosenberg and her supporters celebrated their victory at Martini’s Bistro and Bar in downtown Millburn. Family, friends and current township committee members including Mayor Robert Tillotson and Deputy Mayor Ted Bourke were there to congratulate the newest member to their ranks.  Essex County GOP Chairman Al Barlas stopped by to offer his compliments and good wishes for the future.  Rosenberg will be sworn into office in January 2016.

“I feel exhilarated and exhausted, engaged and excited to take on a new challenge”, said Rosenberg.  “I am so grateful to my family and look forward to spending a lot of quality time with them.”

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Rosenberg commented that Eglow ran a strong campaign and kept her “on her toes” throughout the many months of the race.   Rosenberg also made several complimentary remarks about her competitor though she wished that Eglow’s campaign didn’t feel they had to be so negative to get their message out.   If there were an occasion to work with Eglow in the future, Rosenberg said she would welcome the opportunity.  “I think Dianne is energetic and extremely committed to the town.”

There were no victory speeches or poignant campaign stories at the celebration, as one would expect.  Rather, the crowd seemed happier knowing that the exhaustive race was over and could now focus on the future of the township.  Optimism seemed to fill the room.

Mayor Robert Tillotson commented that he “looks forward to working with her [Rosenberg] on the board.  I think she is going to bring a lot of knowledge and experience to us.”  When asked if the township committee would welcome Eglow to participate in future matters, the Mayor said “Absolutely!  We are here to serve the public and if she can assist us, that’s great.”