MILLBURN, NJ - It wouldn’t be a Film Festival without Millburn High School Junior Kyle Farscht. Farscht has been accepted into every Millburn Film Festival since 2016, and this year he is continuing his streak with Coffee.

Coffee is an original narrative starring MHS Senior Tori Sanza and Junior Matthew Green. The film explores complex relationships and an unexpected twist of fate. Farscht meant for his work to be a message to his peers.

“Everything has consequences” Farscht said. “High schoolers have a lot of responsibility. Driving, relationships, all that is extremely new. They really have to be careful because everything has consequences.”

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In his conversation with TAPinto Millburn, Farsht was very careful not to spoil the shocking ending, a hallmark of his films. But Farscht tends to gradually build the intensity throughout his films. In Coffee, for example, he began the film with a very low color contrast. As the plot progressed however, the reds and the blues that he utilized became more and more distinct.

But Farscht relied on other proven methods to create his latest work as well. While in the planning process, all of his films unconventionally begin with an enticing shot that Farscht has thought of. Only after this stage in the brainstorming process does Farscht begin to surround the frame with a plot. In Coffee, the marquee shot was two people having a conversation with a deeper hidden meaning.

The young filmmaker is excited that the community is recognizing his unconventional method of storytelling.

“It’s nice to see any form of art be appreciated” Farscht said. “I use lots of different ways to tell me story. My story has deeper meanings within it. Between the visual and the storyline it is able to captivate audiences and shock them. I love the shock factor in film.”

Typically, Farscht’s films are also featured in other film festivals such as the Princeton Film Fest, All American Film Fest, and New Jersey High School Film Fest. Although Coffee will most likely help Farscht continue his legacy in NJ amateur film, it is yet to be screened anywhere. Thursday April 26, Coffee will be shown at Millburn’s Bow Tie Cinema for the encore presentation.