MILLBURN, NJ - Millburn Middle School’s Carli Platt, a seventh grader, has created one of the most mature movies that the community will see at Friday night’s Film Festival.

Her film, In Plain Sight: A Hidden Child of the Holocaust, tells the previously uncovered story of Holocaust survivor Wilhelmina De Kadt, now Willie Juhlin. Although she was not taken to a concentration camp, she too was stripped of her life by the Nazis. De Kadt was only a young child when her parents had to make the impossible decision to forfeit her and her brother to separate families in order to ensure she would not be taken by the Nazis. The documentary talks about her adopted life in length. It also follows her immigration to America following the war.

“She’s really brave going through all that at such a young age” Platt said. “I think that she has a lot of courage. She’s strong for doing everything that she did.”

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Platt believes that this tale of the Holocaust is unlike any other. The “hidden children” do not get much media attention in the 21st century even though a million of the six million Jews that perished in the Holocaust were children. Although the “hidden children” were not shipped off to concentration camps, they also suffered.

“A lot of people don’t know about this side of the Holocaust” Platt said. Most people just know about concentration camps. It’s going back in time, and going through these hardships. It’s history. It happened. People should be aware of that.”

Platt was just recently made aware of Juhlin’s story. For years, Juhlin had been hesitant to open about her survival. However, after sitting down with an interviewer for a documentary she was willing to answer Platt’s questions as well.

“Since her generation won’t be here that much longer, it’s something that needs to be out there” said Platt. If she’s not going to be able to tell it later, someone else should.”

Platt’s film will be debuted at Millburn High School on Friday night at the Film Festival. It will also be screened at the Millburn Bow Tie Cinema the next Thursday for the encore presentation.