MILLBURN, NJ - The Millburn Recreation Department girls basketball teams had an exciting week of action.

7th and 8th Grade Girls

The Storm defeated the Sun, 30 to 6. The Storm were powered by Emily Freelund, who had 8 points and was 2 for 2 at the foul line. Freelund was offensively supported by Daniella VanRoon, with 7 points. The Sun were led by Ally Sartorius, who was responsible for the 6 points. 

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The Lynx emerged victorious 15-14 against the Shock. The Lynx came behind from a 12 point deficit after the first half was played. Their victory was solidified by Olivia Regan, who put up 4 of her 8 points in the final quarter after they went on a 5-0 run against the shock. Regan was assisted by Jennifer May, who had 2 points and 4 steals. Samantha Rothman had 6 points for the shock, and Mae Maddox had 4. 

The Silver Stars defeated the Sparks 19 to 11. The Silver Stars were led by Ella Singer, who had 7 points and had a perfect record at the foul line. Singer was assisted by Harley Rosenbaum, with 6 points and 2 steals. Kelsey Leighton and Gianna Santagata anchored the teams defense, with outstanding defense and 2 points each. The Sparks were led by Alex Santagata, with 2 points. 

The Dream defeated the Lazers, 16 to 12. 7 points from Taylor Steifman led the team to victory, assisted by 4 points from Sydney Rosenberg.  Caroline Marx had 6 points for the Lazers. 


4th Grade Girls 

The Comets fell to the Blizzard, 10 to 8. The Blizzard were led by Julie Kirchenbaum with 4 points. She was assisted offensively by Julianna Ferraro, Sydney Chimenti, and Kendal Krauser with 2 points each. Addison Freimauer had 4 points for the Comets. 

The Monarchs defeated the Fire, 10 to 7. The Monarchs were powered by Sam Wiggin, with 8 points for her squad. Fire was led by Carina Raifman, with 4 points. 

The Liberty defeated the previously undefeated Mercury, 9 to 10. The Liberty were led by Emma woros, with 5 points and 4 rebounds. Woros was assisted by Marley Macca and Ilana Manne, with 2 points each. Daphne Sena had 7 steals for her squad. The Mercury were led by Ellie Solomon, with 3.


5th and 6th Grade Girls

The Blue Devils triumphed over the Spartans, 16 to 8. After an evenly contested first three quarters, the Blue Devils followed the lead of Syra Rajparia, 6 points, and rallied in the fourth quarter. She was supported by Lily Galvin, with 4 rebounds and 4 points. Sophia Foussianes had 4 points for the Spartans. 

The Tar Heels defeated the terrapins, 30 to 6. The Tar Heels were led by Sadie Campbell, with 10 points for her squad. She was assisted by Shira Elisha, who had 8 points and 4 steals. Lexie Coulthard  had 4 points for the Terrapins. 

The Gators defeated the Hoosiers, 31 to 17. Hannah Macca and Gillian Podell had 10 points each for their squad. Zoey Blake also had 2 points, and 5 turnovers. Alex Wiggin had 4 points for the Hoosiers.

The Sooners fell to the Bruins, 11 to 2. Katie Soughan led the Bruins offense, with 4 points and 2 assists. Larissa Basile also put up 2 for the victors. Ruby Kresch scored the lone basket for the Sooners.

The Hawkeyes emerged victorious over the Buckeyes, 11 to 8. The Hawkeyes were led by Jamie Delillo, with 6 points and 4 steals. She was assisted by Avery Janay, with 2 points. Francesca D'Andrea had 4 points for the Buckeyes