MILLBURN, NJ - As graduation approaches for Millburn High School's class of 2013, close to 350 students will close their books only to reopen them soon again at a college or university in the Fall. Year after year, Millburn High School students pursue higher learning after their tenure at MHS ends. This year, the academic excellence  of MHS is evidenced as over 10% of the class of 2013 head off to Ivy League colleges. These 37 ivy-bound students accomplished arduous tasks and saw their hard work pay off.

Millburn prides itself on excellence, and three individuals have recently been recognized for pursuing excellence at Millburn High School. Andrew Brod, Amir Taree, and Teddy Moskovitz were named High Honors Speakers, which means the three all received all A's throughout high school. This award serves similar to a valedictorian honor at other schools. These students had the highest GPAs in high school. The high honor speakers are all attending Ivy League schools next fall.

Teddy Moskovitz, one of the award recipients said, “Outside of the classroom, MHS taught me a lot about self-reliance and working hard to accomplish one's goals. I look forward to exploring new subjects and meeting interesting people in college.” Teddy will attend Princeton University next year.

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Another award recipient, Amir Taree, said, “I’ve definitely learned a lot from the high school but the most important lesson is that with the right focus, passion, and support, you will reach your goals. I’m excited to start fresh at college and tackle the new challenges that come with it and hopefully succeed.” Amir will be attending Dartmouth in the fall to study pre-med.

This class has brought change to MHS. This was the first senior class to embrace the community Big Read, which was successful and will be implemented again next year. That is just one example of things that the faculty experimented with due to the small size of this class. Also, Naviance was first brought into MHS with this class.

Academic excellence was ubiquitous with this class. Almost 150 MHS seniors are off to continue their academic careers at colleges that US News and World Report reported to be in the top 50 in the nation next fall.

Class President Justin Dower said, “"We've had a wonderful four years at MHS. We've learned a great deal, and I believe we are ready to move on to college. Over the years we have formed a strong community, and we owe our success to each other, to our families, and to all the teachers that have helped us along the way. We'll miss MHS, but we will always have the many memories and many friendships we gained there." Justin will be attending Harvard University next year.

Hard work and success are in no short supply at Millburn High, and this is evident from the success its graduates. The class of 2013 is a great example of Millburn High’s continued success as the school ships off its seniors to fine colleges where they will be poised for future success and accomplishment.