The Millburn High School Community Fair took place on October 8th. The gym was filled with booths advertising representing charities, community service organizations, and non-profits. It was an opportunity for seniors to receive community service hours doing something they’re passionate about but also for anyone who likes to give back to their communities.

The iTold4 Project, Habitat for Humanity, and Autism Awareness Club, and the MHS Red Cross club are just a few of the organization that participated and showcased their initiatives at the fair.

Eva Nelson, co-leader of the iTold4 Project, said when describing her organization, “we educate fourth and fifth graders about how to prevent noise induced hearing loss”. Even by doing things as simple as keeping your music low, future hearing loss can be prevented.

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The Autism Awareness Club’s Emily Blumstein described her efforts as “a small tight nit group of students who want to spread awareness and promote equality for people in our community”.  This is just one of the many community service clubs at Millburn High School.

Habitat for Humanity according to representative Jessica Abend “builds homes for low and moderate income families that want to become homeowners. No experience necessary.”

The Millburn High School Red Cross Club “works with local Red Cross organizations and leaders to help bring volunteer opportunities to students at Millburn” according to its leader, Eric Mao. They also run blood drives at the Millburn Library, supply water to runners at 5K races and have item collection events in addition to biannual MHS blood drives.

Swathi Nachiappan, a senior who attended the fair, said “I thought it was very interesting, because I learned about a lot of different groups that I had no idea about before. It was really informational, and I learned a lot!”

The Community Fair was filled with kids from 9 through12 grades as well as parents. The goal of the well-attended fair is to encourage and expand participation in community service as well as to share its importance.