MILLBURN, NJ – Math Club students at Millburn High School hosted Pi Day, celebration of the mathematical constant pi.  This year is of particular note because when pi is rounded to the ten-thousandths place, it is 3.1416, hence 3/14/16.

Rebecca Barber, co-president of the math club, organized the event with the help of fellow members, Yan Jun Yang, Michael Tai, Arjun Gupta, Allen Lee, and Wesley Hu.

“I really love math, and I also really love planning things, so this is something that I really have wanted to do since sophomore year.” said Barber

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The proceeds of the event will fund math club functions and competitions in the future. The Millburn math club competes against other schools nationwide, and fell short two years ago, in the quarterfinals, to the team that would go on to take second place in the entire tournament.

The Pi Day party offered free pi themed foods, including pizza pies, apple and cherry pies, and many more creative dishes. Splurge Bakery, Drakes, Kings, ShopRite, Costco, and parents donated food for the event.

Attendees were also treated to a performance by Soulfege, Millburn High School’s award-winning and nationally acclaimed a cappella singing group.  They also participated in Pi (pie) themed events like a scavenger hunt, pie walk, and a pie eating contest. Millburn High School freshman Arthur Wayne won pie eating contest and went home with a $20 gift card to Clemenza’s pizzeria. Wayne was one of many students to leave with gift card prizes. The raffle at the end of the night gave away gift cards to various establishments in Millburn.

The most popular, and profitable, event of the night was the opportunity for students to toss pies at select teachers. Students paid for the right to pie their teachers, a fun way to raise money for the club as well as encouraging closer relationships in the classroom. For the past few days, Barber and other members of the match club advertised the event and had students vote for their favorite teachers to be one of the four that were pied. History teachers, Brian Raymond, Dr. Regina Conlan, and Randy Porges, English teacher Kelly Lormand, and Math teacher Mr. Christopher Drechsel, were the “lucky” nominees.

“It was all in good fun. I see we raised a lot of money just by sitting there and getting pied, so that’s good. I’m just glad that it was a success and everyone had fun.” Drechsel said.

Mr. Raymond had a slightly different take on the pieing.

“I actually had to encourage them to pie me. They were so hesitant. I had to insult a political figure that one of my students admire in order to get pied.” said Raymond. “But once they got the ball rolling it was fine, and it is good for the students and the teachers to interact in a less formal setting.”

Aside from raising money for charity and the math club, Barber’s second goal is to “increase enthusiasm about math within the school”, a goal she believes was accomplished on Pi Day.

In 2009, the U.S. House of Representatives supported the designation of Pi Day.