MILLBURN, NJ  -  Millburn Mayor Sandra Haimoff  is looking forward to a productive year in 2013 after the tumultuous close to the last one. 


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“I must be the first mayor of Millburn who has had to deal with two hurricanes, an earthquake and a freak October snowstorm,” Haimoff said, as she shared some of her goals for the year during a recent interview with The Alternative Press.  Dealing with the recent challenges posed by Mother Nature has helped her and the township find ways to improve emergency procedures and communications for the future.  She points to the pilot Block Captain project that was initiated to foster communications between residents during Hurricane Sandy as one such example.  The program was deemed to be so successful that the township will be expanding that concept to all neighborhoods throughout the community.


Mayor Haimoff also expressed satisfaction with the progress that has been made on the new parking structure downtown.  That project, which she described as being “years in the making,” is expected to be completed by June.  Of course, this progress has not been made without some controversy.  Some residents had expressed displeasure with the size of the structure, while others are upset that the opening of the garage will mark the end of the valet parking in the nearby commuter lot. Haimoff said, “The bottom line is that when the valet program was started, it was intended to be, and was announced as being, a short-term solution,” to the parking shortage. 


The completion of the new deck will also allow the township to begin focusing on some other municipal buildings and revitalization efforts.  After a bumpy start, Mayor Haimoff sees the prospects for the year looking bright.