We made it through "Athena" and now it's time to finish the job.  I am told power companies are working full speed today, tomorrow and Saturday (maybe Sunday too?) and it just feels like it's time to expect some significant progress between now and Monday.

FRIDAY (tomorrow, 11/9/12)

  • Same plan as in place today (two hour delayed opening, Hartshorn students distributed to three other schools, following the same alphabetical list as today,  two hour window to arrive if needed due to no power or work requirements, etc.).  CAVEAT:  If Hartshorn comes back online between now and sunrise tomorrow (which is not looking likely, but we can hope), we will get word out and Hartshorn students will be at their own school.
  • No busing.
  • No food days at K-5 schools (so bring a lunch and drink) and limited food service at middle and high school levels.


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  • Our priority is to get as back to normal as possible, as quickly as possible.  Much will hinge on two key variables:
    • Whether or not Hartshorn has power
    • Whether or not our bus fleet can navigate through town to complete the assigned routes
  • We need the weekend to assess those two variables before we can say for certain what next week looks like.
  • On Sunday afternoon, we will send out Update #11 that has more information about what the plan for next week will be.
  • What we do know is that all students will have school next week.  Times and locations and other details are at this point still TBD.



  • Districts across the state are assessing their options as to how to make up the lost time and have every school in the district be in session for the state-required minimum of 180 days.
  • At this point, we have used all of the three built-in snow days in the calendar.
  • We have also used one of the April recess days (the Monday).
  • If we need more weather days in the coming weeks and months, they will be made up using other days from the April recess, starting with Tuesday and working forward from there.
  • We have no word if the 180 day requirement will be changed by the state or if the state will be changing any other rules/regulations that impact school calendar requirements.
  • Because their schools were closed longer than the others in district, Deerfield students need one more day and Hartshorn students need two more days.  In the coming weeks, we will explore all options as to how to get those two schools back on par with their counterparts.


That's it for now.  Gas lines are subsiding, some residents are getting power back and all of our students are in school.  But we still have a ways to go, with priorities of getting power restored to Hartshorn School and to ALL township residents who remain under the stress and hardship of being without electricity.  So we ARE getting there.  It's just time now to get all the way there.