MILLBURN, NJ – Superintendent of Schools James Crisfield announced that the District will be making changes to the school calendar to offset the unforeseen number of snow days that have been required this year.  Already, there have been five used, which is two more than the existing school calendar anticipated.

Next Wednesday, February 12, which had been planned as a delayed-opening day, will instead be a full day of school.  The time was going to be used on professional development.

The District’s April recess will also be cut short to make up the extra snow days.  As of now, the final two days of that break are being reinstated as full school days, April 24 and 25.  Should the weather require more closures, that break will be further shortened.

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“While it is the case that every time we do have a snow day there are detractors and Monday morning quarterbacks, there are just as often people who think we should be MORE conservative in our weather calls,” Crisfield said in a letter to parents.  “Much is at stake, and no matter which way you go, somebody is going to be unhappy.”

Crisfield also floated the concept of changing the school calendar in future years to have one full week off in March and long weekends in February and March rather than full weeks off in those two months.

“Believe me when I tell you I am acutely aware of how much passion this topic stirs up in our district,” Crisfield said.  “So at this point I’m just tossing the idea out as a concept. Maybe it’s time to think about it.”