This is an update from the Millburn Township Schools on Spring Recess for unofficial planning purposes only (see below for how and when the school calendar decision will become official).

The Millburn Schools’ 2012-2013 Spring Recess was originally scheduled for the week of April 22-26, 2013.

As school families and staff know, as a result of Hurricane Sandy the district used all of its built-in “emergency closing days.” While the majority of the schools were able to make up all the days they needed to by holding classes on the NJEA Convention Days and Martin Luther King Day, Deerfield and Hartshorn schools still need to make up days: 1 for Deerfield and 2 for Hartshorn.

As a result, Deerfield school staff and students will attend school for a full day of classes on Monday April 22, while Hartshorn staff and students will be in school for full days on Monday, April 22 and Tuesday, April 23.

If there are no more school closings between now and the spring recess week, the other five schools will be closed for the vacation week. Should an emergency closing be necessary in the next four weeks, the make up day for that new day for all schools will be Monday, April 22 (and the unique make up days for Deerfield and Hartshorn will be pushed back a day later, accordingly).

As changes to the school calendar must be approved by the Board of Education, this will be an agenda item at the April 8 Board of Education meeting.  The approved calendar with changes will be disseminated following the April 8 BOE meeting.