MILLBURN, NJ - Millburn High School announces Vytas Belzer as the recipient of the inaugural Dr. Rosa Hagin Scholarship awarded by the Learning Disabilities Association of NJ (LDANJ) to acknowledge students with learning and/or attention issues who will be continuing their education beyond high school.  
Roger Askins, Transition Coordinator, at Millburn High School, learned of this new scholarship through the New Jersey Transition Coordinators Network of NJ.  He and Case Manager, Linda Randazza say they selected Vytas, “Because he has been engaged in learning about his disabilities and has embraced the challenge of being successful regardless of the daily obstacles that he faces. He has been a valuable contributor to the self-advocacy program over the course of his high school career.” Vytas will be attending Colorado State University and has a strong desire to work with animals in the future.
Mr. Askins says, “We were very excited when he was named one of the winners of this statewide award. Vytas has made tremendous growth over the years and has been a joy to work with.  He, and his family, have worked hard to ensure that he makes the proper steps.  He is a great self-advocate and a wonderful young man!”
Photo:  Brent McGuinness, Special Services Supervisor, Roger Askins, Transition Coordinator, Vytas Belzer, Elizabeth Belzer, Linda Randazza, School Psychologist.