MILLBURN, NJ - Throughout the country and around the world, Saturday, January 21 marked Women’s March on Washington where an estimated 500,000 people descended on the nation's capital. Additional 'Sister Marches' took place in cities around the world including Millburn Township neighbor Westfield. 

Millburn-Short Hills residents joined the movement, and one resident shared her experiences at the center of the march in Washington, D.C.

1. What was your motivation for participating in this historic Woman's March on Washington, D.C?

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We were motivated to march in solidarity with our sisters because, to us, there is a brazen attack on women and civil rights in this country.

2. What was the atmosphere at the Woman's March?

Warm, inviting, and an opportunity for people who felt fear and anguish to just lean on one another.

3. How were the marchers treated by bystanders? The public? The police?  

There were none! (regarding bystanders). The crowds were all marching, and the police were wearing Pink Pussy Cat hats.

*Pink pussy hats are a noted symbol of the movement. 

4. There are many issues listed on the platform of the Woman's March, which one/ones stand out as most important to you?

Women's rights; reproductive rights, specifically. I marched for my daughters... and for my Aunt who marched 50 years ago for MY rights.

5. What will you take away from this whole experience?

Today was a good day; a better one than yesterday.  I still feel pretty helpless, but not as scared. It makes me happy to know that MOST PEOPLE are so opposed to everything this new administration/congress represent.

6. What do you hope happens in the short and long term in regards to the issues brought forth?

In the short-term, I hope that the Congress listened to the millions of voices across seven continents; it's NOT just liberals marching. It's a worldwide unity.