MILLBURN, NJ - All individuals interested in coaching in MSHYB must go through an annual registration and certification process. Please read through these instructions carefully and proceed through the steps in order. If you follow these instructions, it will be an easy and painless process.  Coaches must complete Step 1 (NYSCA membership) and Step 3 (MSHYB registration) prior to attending one of the in-person certification sessions (Step 4).  Last year, an additional required step was added for all coaches – completing an online concussion training session (see Step 2 below). ALL 4 STEPS must be completed by March 5, 2017


Step 1: Register (or renew) with NYSCA online. All new and returning coaches must have an active membership as a baseball coach with the National Youth Sports Coaches Association (NYSCA), the country’s largest coach training and certification program. An active membership is one that expires after August 31, 2017. The cost of an initial membership or annual renewal is $20 and is payable online directly to NYSCA by credit card. (This amount is addition to the $25 fee that will be collected by MSHYB at the in-person certification sessions – see Step 4 below.)

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  • Returning coaches (those who have been a NYSCA member in the recent past for baseball or another sport) – please click here to renew your membership. If you currently have a valid NYSCA membership for baseball that expires after August 31, 2017, then you do not need to renew with NYSCA at this time.  NOTE: if you have a valid NYSCA membership for another sport but not for baseball, you must add baseball as a sport by logging into your NYSCA account and clicking on “Add a Sport.”
  • New coaches (those who have not been a NYSCA member in the recent past or at all) – please click here to become a NYSCA member. Your membership will not be active until you complete NYSCA’s basic and baseball-specific training sessions. If you are asked to provide a Chapter, it is “Millburn Rec Dept. – 794.”

Step 2: Complete the mandatory concussion awareness training session. Concussion awareness training was added in 2016 and is required to be completed annually under MSHYB’s Concussion Policy. This online training is provided free of charge through NYSCA. (At this time, we are not accepting concussion training from other organizations such as the CDC.) In order to be considered current for the 2017 season, you must have completed the concussion training after August 31, 2016. If you are completing the concussion training for the first time, log into your NYSCA account, click on “Additional Trainings” and choose “Concussion Awareness.” If you completed the concussion training last winter or spring for the 2016 season, you will need to repeat the training session. Under Membership Info, click on “Access Clinic/Training History” and then click “Re-certification” next to “Concussion Training.”

Step 3: Register online as a coach with MSHYB. Please CLICK HERE to access our registration page, where you will provide background information, review required documents and provide required authorizations. Once you have successfully completed this step, you will immediately receive a confirmation email from our system.  IF YOU DO NOT RECEIVE A CONFIRMATION EMAIL IMMEDIATELY WITH THE SUBJECT “COACH REGISTRATION RECEIPT,” YOU DID NOT REGISTER CORRECTLY. A successful registration does not mean that you have been certified as a coach by MSHYB. You must have an active NYSCA membership (Step 1), complete concussion training (Step 2), attend an in-person certification session (Step 4), and pass a mandatory background check.

Step 4: Attend one of the mandatory in-person Coaches’ Certification Sessions. We have scheduled three of these 90-minute certification sessions:

Thursday, January 26, 2017 at 7:30 p.m. in the Bauer Center - Taylor Park; (Please arrive as early as 7:00pm to sign in...there will be a line).

Saturday, February 11, 2017 at 9 a.m. in the Bauer Center - Taylor Park; (Please arrive at 8:30 to sign in...there will be a line).

Sunday, March 5, 2017 at 9 a.m. in the Bauer Center - Taylor Park; (Please arrive at 8:30 to sign in...there will be a line).

Please arrive 30 minutes early to check inDoors close promptly at the start time. Please bring a valid photo ID (driver’s license or passport) along with the $25 registration fee (payable by check or in cash – exact change appreciated) to cover the cost of running the mandatory background check.

If you have any questions on the coaches’ registration and certification process, please email us at