Millburn, New Jersey -- Under the auspices of The Outreach Movement, Millburn High School Students, Adam Liu, Mohar Kalra, Chris Sun and Bill Zhang are working together to reach out to disadvantaged students living in the Newark area. Millburn High School teacher Anna Kleshelskaya is the club moderator.

The Outreach Movement is a branch of the organization that started in Plano, Texas. It is a student-run 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to instructing and mentoring students who lack educational resources. Currently, the NJ Chapter of the Outreach Movement is collaborating with students who are residents at a shelter in Newark, called the Covenant House. Members of the Outreach Movement meet the students living in the shelter every week via online video-chat platform called Google Hangouts.  Throughout the sessions, Millburn students answer questions about academics in general, provide one-to-one tutoring on specific questions as well as offer friendly advice about everyday challenges. One of the principal objectives of the tutoring sessions is to help the students pass their GED exams so that they can receive a high school equivalency diploma.

In addition to academic help via Google Hangouts, the club occasionally visits the shelter to conduct meet-and-greets, workshops and to further  motivate the students through strengthened peer connections. The ultimate goal of the club is not to just get the Covenant House students to pass their exams, but also to provide them with a set of skills and intellectual tools that give a promise of a brighter future with better opportunities and more available resources.