MILLBURN, NJ – During Tuesday's meeting of the Township Committee, a hearing was held for the Pingry School project.
According to Jacqueline Shames of the Public Finance Authority, the township will have no financial obligation in the matter. In addition, there are no requirements for special permits.
“All rules and regulation in the township apply,” Mayor Robert Tillotson said. The bond being issued by the Public Finance Authority is not to exceed $20,500,000. Capital improvements include construction of approximately 4,000 square feet of classroom and common areas, renovation and modernization of existing classrooms, art and drama spaces, new furnishings, educational program equipment, life safety systems and the construction of a new chiller plant and new air-conditioning systems throughout the entire school building.
No one from the public or the committee had questions for Pingry’s representative.
The committee also adopted a resolution to authorize the execution of a 2015 cost sharing agreement with the Mayors’ Council for the Rahway River Watershed Flood Control Sharing Agreement. The council consists of seven municipalities: Cranford, Kenilworth, Maplewood, Rahway City, Springfield, Union and Millburn.  The cost sharing agreement was entered into on Oct. 9, 2012. Millburn is authorized to pay $10,000 for its share of costs in the 2015 agreement.
Committeeman Theodore Bourke said he would like to see a specific plan and strategies. Committee member Sandra Haimoff agreed. “Where will we be by the end of 2015?” she asked. Haimoff suggested that a representative from the lobbying agency address the committee and inform them about the progress made by the Army Corp of Engineers. Tillotson added the committee should ask for goals and objectives.
Haimoff reported that a roundtable was held by the mayor of Watchung regarding the Pilgrims Pipeline issue. “They plan to move ahead despite resolutions opposing it,” she said of several communities. The suggestion was that letters be sent to NJ Department of Transportation and BPU expressing community concerns. She also said that a check for $7,500 was received for the Environmental Resource Inventory, which has been completed, with a matching contribution from the township.
The Essex County representative said the deer management program in South Mountain Reservation will end on Feb. 5. The mayor thanked him for keeping the township abreast of snow and inclement weather issues.
The next township meeting is scheduled for 8 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 17, in the town hall.