Dear Editor:

The one election where your vote counts more than any other election is  this Tuesday when voters select two Township Committee members.

The Township Committee acts as our “town’s fathers” who, just like a parent, must protect and preserve its charges. There is an expectation that Township Committee members are smart enough to make reasonable decisions on our behalf and have the common sense to prioritize what the town needs,  not to focus on irrelevant matters that waste our time and assets or worse, that permanently damage the Town.

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Through the Township’s zoning ordinances, we have maintained our character by protecting our neighborhoods. Unfortunately, this year our Township Committee failed in their responsibility by not sufficiently opposing the development of the vastly out of scope Silverman Chatham Road project. A subcommittee of Cheryl Burstein and Dianne Eglow were charged with negotiating with Silverman.  Burstein, an attorney, found herself conflicted leaving Dianne Eglow, someone who  admitted at the Candidate Debate that she has no career, to negotiate on our behalf, leading to this disaster. This Silverman project will permanently change the character of the Glenwood neighborhood and it damages our town. 

 To clarify the magnitude of this failure,  more builders will follow  with the potential of dramatically increasing the number of dwelling units in the township,  overwhelming our infrastructure and resources such as the schools. By the Township Committee not investing a small portion of the municipal budget to aggressively fight this development, builders will perceive us as weak and will be encouraged to sue the township.   Future litigation will require higher expenditures than what would have been spent opposing the Silverman Chatham Road fiasco.

The lesson learned is that we need smart and effective people on our Township Committee to represent our interests. The residents need more evidence from Richard Wasserman than his self-description as a “successful businessman”  ,      

We need new blood on the Committee – smart and serious people who will understand and appreciate their role on the Township Committee and who are capable of strategically opposing the developers ready to pounce upon us.  

On Tuesday, vote for Agnes Sym and Sharon Strickland for Township Committee... for the future of Millburn Township.


Bill Horbatt

Short Hills,NJ