JULY 18, 2017 – REGULAR SESSION: 7:30 PM

Salute to the Flag

- Open Meeting Statement

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ROLL CALL: DTE ( ), SDL ( ), JLR ( ), RJT ( ), CHB ( )

Approval of Agenda

Minutes: May 16, 2017 Regular Meeting, May 16, 2017 Special Meeting Meeting


County Representative

Public Discussion (Restricted to Questions on Consent Agenda Items)

RESOLUTIONS: (*Consent Agenda Items)

*17-158 Bills List
*17-159 Authorize Refund of Tax Overpayments
*17-160 Ratify Emergency Appropriation for Millburn Police Department Demolition and Reconstruction of Sallyport Floor Slab
*17-161 Authorize Change Order No. 1 for Contract with James Weill & Associates
*17-162 Accept Emergency Management Grant
*17-163 Authorize Advertisement of Bids – Resurfacing of Gero Park Tennis Courts
*17-164 Authorize Advertisement of Bids – Old Short Hills Road Culvert Replacement
*17-165 Authorize Rejection of Bids for Fire Department Sprinkler Project
*17-166 Authorize Insurance General Release
*17-167 Authorize Surety Takeover Agreement
*17-168 Authorize Execution of Storm Sewer Indemnification Agreement
*17-169 Confirm Appointment to the Environmental Commission
*17-170 Approval of Fireworks Display Permit for 4th July Committee
*17-171 Approval of Sidewalk Café License

17-172 Authorize Change Order for Complete Streets Downtown Millburn Complete Streets Phase 1 Project for Douglas to Spring Street Work [Flanagan’s Contracting Group]


2484-17 DTE ORDINANCE AMENDING CHAPTER VII “TRAFFIC” - MILLBURN AVENUE LIMIT [Public Hearing scheduled for August 15, 2017]

2485-17 RJT ORDINANCE AMENDING CHAPTER VII “TRAFFIC” - TOWN HALL PLAZA [Public Hearing scheduled for August 15, 2017]

2486-17 CHB ORDINANCE AMENDING CHAPTER VII “TRAFFIC” - WASHINGTON SCHOOL [Public Hearing scheduled for August 15, 2017]

2487-17 JLR ORDINANCE TO NAME STREET – “CORA WAY” [Public Hearing scheduled for August 15, 2017]


1.) Proposed Regulations for Chickens on Residential Properties


1.) Proposed R-7 Zone Ordinance

2.) Proposed Prohibition of Toxic Synthetic Lawn Pesticides on Township Fields and Park Playgrounds


When invited to speak, please come to the lectern, clearly state your name and address, and speak into the podium microphone so that your comments can be understood by all and properly recorded. Whenever an audience or Committee member reads from a prepared statement, please give or email a copy to the Township Clerk’s Office at To help facilitate an orderly meeting and to permit all to be heard, speakers are asked to limit their comments to 3 minutes. It is also requested that speakers not repeat what others have said.


NEXT MEETING: Tuesday, August 15, 2017 at 7:30PM