MILLBURN, NJ - Mrs. Berylin Bosselman, new Millburn Board of Education member, joined Caring Kids in presenting "Think Twice to Be Nice," the character education program for students in grades K-2, to Mrs. Laverty's Kindergarten class at South Mountain School.  

The Think Twice to Be Nice Kindergarten Program is the very first introduction to Caring Kids for Millburn’s youngest students.  Its purpose is to help children be kind, caring, and respectful participants in their brand new school community.  The first part of the program is a short puppet skit about sharing and caring on the playground.  In the second part of our program, the students get to interact with our puppets as they learn how to navigate their way through other social situations. 

Caring Kids is a district wide, parent-run organization, whose mission is to help children grow into compassionate, positive, and empowered members of society through character education programs in the schools, social activities, family enrichment talks/workshops, and community events.

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