MORRISTOWN, NJ - After hours and hours of enthusiastic preparation, the cast and crew of Alice in Wonderland took the entire Peck School community down the theatrical rabbit hole on Thursday March 10th. The musical, directed by Upper School Music Director Andrew Lyman, is the school’s largest production in several years and somewhat of a “revival” of the Upper School Musical tradition at Peck. There will be an afternoon performance for the entire school, and an evening performance for parents and friends.

“I chose a musical,” explains Lyman, “because it engages students in all aspects of the arts. That’s the difference between a play and a musical. A musical contains dance, drama, art, and music.”  This particular adaptation is officially entitled The Peck School Production of Disney’s Alice in Wonderland Jr.

“I also chose this particular musical because Alice in Wonderland encompasses so many diverse characters. I felt the students could handle that and perform at a high level. The characters in the story are all very recognizable and I love the essential message, which is ‘Be true to yourself,’” Lyman adds.

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Twenty-seven students participated in the audition and all were cast either in principal or ensemble roles. Students have also volunteered their talents to assume behind the scenes roles as stage crew.

The realization of an Upper School musical this year required the total support of the Athletic and Music Departments. A great deal of cooperation took place to ensure rehearsals could go on during time periods normally allotted for sports and academic support. Students have been rehearsing every day between 1:55 and 3:45 for the past four weeks.

Andrew Lyman and the cast and crew are thankful for the creative assistance of Nicole Mason, Tyler Moseley, Yvette Lopez-Grieshaber, and Colleen Loughman who assisted with items such as choreography, music, props and costumes. They are also grateful for the sound and lighting assistance of Dennis Yanoski and Dave Kennedy, and the set design from Mark Mortensen.

Although it has been a great deal of work and the challenges of an ensemble production are enormous, Lyman emphasizes teamwork. “One thing I tell them all is that we will all be successful if each and every individual does their job. It is important to remember for this production and all other aspects of daily life that if you each do your job then all will fall into place.”