Results of research published this week in the American Heart Association journal Stroke found that over a seven year period, people who drank one artificially sweetened beverage a day were almost 3 times (2.96 times to be exact) more likely to have a stroke caused by a blood clot than were people who didn’t drink artificially sweetened beverages. The same held true for dementia and Alzheimer’s disease risk. Those who drank one artificially sweetened beverage a day had an almost 3 time greater risk of Alzheimer’s disease and a two and a half times greater risk of dementia from all causes.

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Although there have been many studies done over the years on the health effects of artificial sweeteners, the results have been inconsistent with some finding no health risks, and others finding there are health risks including: higher blood glucose levels, diabetes, obesity, fatty liver, changes in gut biome (bacteria) associated with diabetes and obesity, and now - increased risk of stroke and dementia.

Since there is on-going debate, it’s best to act prudently and try to eliminate artificial sweeteners if you can or at the very least, reduce the amount you use.

Possible substitutes for diet beverages and artificial sweeteners–

                Flavored seltzer
              Sparkling water
                Teas – iced or hot
                            Organic Rooibos
                             Wild Sweet Orange
                             Sweet and Spicy
                             Spiced orange
                             Raspberry Zinger
                             Ginger (from ginger root)

To enhance your coffee try -

                Almond milk
                            Coconut milk

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