MILLBURN, NJ – This year, one of Millburn High School’s newest clubs is the Alternative Press club. Advised by David Lackey, Publisher of The Alternative Press of Millburn/Short Hills, this club gives students at Millburn High School the opportunity to write for a popular online newspaper.

According to Lackey, "The Alternative Press Club at Millburn High School will provide students with an opportunity to learn about journalism and write stories that interest them.  Many local residents will welcome the perspective that these bright, eager students will bring to the website."           

Every two weeks, the club meets to help students better understand journalism and contribute to their community. Each student writes at least one article every two weeks, with topics ranging from art festivals to football games.

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Through this club, students are able to take full advantage of the opportunities offered by staff of The Alternative Press. At each meeting, a journalist of the Alternative Press explains important components of writing for a newspaper, such as formating and rules for interviews.

One student of Millburn’s Alternative Press club, Ilina Ghosh said, “I thought that The Alternative Press would be a great opportunity to give me real life experience in writing.”                 

The students collect information, take pictures, write articles, and peer-review one another’s work to ensure that the articles are at the level expected by The Alternative Press. Through each activity, students are able to learn more about the ins and outs of writing for an online newspaper.

Student writer Julie Gould stated that she is a member of The Alternative Press Club “because I enjoy writing and I think it’s cool to be part of a unique website like The Alternative Press that shows that newspapers today can prosper online.”                   

The Millburn Alternative Press club is quickly becoming an outlet for students to embrace their interests in Millburn and journalism.