MILLBURN, NJ - Millburn Deli is known state-wide as one of the best places to get a sandwich. The store has even shipped sandwiches out to celebrities, including Chrissy Teigen. New Jersey Memes (@newjerseymemes on Instagram) has also garnered quite the loyal following, racking up 63 thousand followers in just over a year.

So it was only natural that the two would eventually come together. Over the weekend, the account's creator headed to the Millburn Deli for lunch after asking their followers about the best places in New Jersey to eat. Seeing the account local, the decision was made to contact the admin behind the page.

TAPinto Millburn/Short Hills reached out to the account's owner, a woman named Coleen, to talk about the meal. She preferred not to give her last name for privacy reasons.

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The interview also covered all things New Jersey, what's it's like to run the account and some pressing new Jersey questions.

As she noted, her desire to start the page came from seeing New Jersey often receiving the short end of the stick or being the butt of jokes.

"Every time I would see New Jersey mentioned on the internet somewhere, it was negative - or related to what was actually more relevant to parts of New York," Coleen said. "Whenever my friends and I would meet someone from another state, they would either make fun of it or say “so sorry” - but if we met someone from NJ, we’d always sort of ‘click’ and talk about how misrepresented NJ is. That basically inspired me to try to represent it more accurately."

She also said that she enjoyed making memes and that the account was an outlet for that. Coleen said that she made I made the account then, but only started regularly posting around this past May "I never thought I’d even make it past 10k [followers]," she said.

Once the account passed 10 thousand followers, things began to skyrocket. As she noted, "It felt at that point that this wasn’t just a silly thing I was doing, but the idea actually resonated with people."

As a result, plenty of people sent in suggestions for places to eat, before Millburn Deli finally won out. Coleen posted on the account's story, saying that she had ordered a godfadda sandwich.

She also answered some questions about two hot button Jersey topics, the nebulous nature of central jersey, and the debate over Pork Roll and Taylor Ham.

"I knew this was coming," Coleen said. "Definitely a decisive question. In my personal opinion, central Jersey does exist - I’d say parts of north ocean county to Middlesex County. People have so many different definitions - at the borders, I think it depends, but in general, those who live there know best."

She added, "I don’t want to determine that for places I’ve never been. In my experience in Monmouth county, it shares qualities of both north and south Jersey, so to me, it’s central. Either way, I’m going to try to continue making memes for those who believe it exists or those that don’t. The question itself is sort of a Jersey inside joke."

And on the subject of what to call a slice of meat? She said that she had her preference, but saw it both ways.

"I say pork roll," Coleen said. "Hopefully no one comes for me after those responses. I respect Taylor ham people all the same. We’re all Jersey, it just so happens Jersey loves to fight."