SHORT HILLS, NJ - Christ Church Nursery School will supplement its learning environment this fall with a recently created a large outdoor classroom. This area, complete with garden, child-sized picnic tables and outdoor easels, will be used by the teachers and students to enrich curriculum beyond the classroom.

Getting children outside is considered by many to be essential in helping them connect with nature, encouraging them to attempt hands-on outdoor play and providing them with a wide range of activities that supports all areas of development. As part of the science curriculum at CCNS, the outdoor classroom will be used to observe, explore and react to the natural world. Children will also have the opportunity to paint, collage, draw and use other mediums creatively outdoors.

CCNS offers a variety of preschool schedules for children ages 2 to 5. The school also hosts a Drop-In Center that offers flexible childcare for children as young as six months. Limited openings are available in the School and Drop In Center. Contact CCNS at (973) 379-6549 or visit their website at .