We continue to demand specific information from JCP&L and Vice President, Mark Jones, regarding power restoration efforts for our residents. We are disappointed by JCP&L’s inability to reach goals set forth in our conversations with them and subsequently conveyed to all of you.

The Hartshorn school and close surrounding areas remain without power despite estimates from JCP&L that powered would be restored yesterday. Mark Jones stated that their crews encountered a severely damaged pole, with several circuits feeding it, at Hobart and Taylor. 6 Crews are actively working this location as of this morning on their way to energize Hartshorn School.

There are 32 crews currently working in and around Millburn Township to restore power to our residents. This includes work being done in Springfield, that according to JCP&L should directly affect areas in the Glenwood section that still remain without power.  

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This is what we have been able to confirm with work being done around the Township:

                6 crews at Taylor and Hobart

                4 crews in the area of W. Beechcroft

                3 crews at Bishop’s lane and Hobart

                Trees have been cleared at Cambridge and Falmouth

We continue to share in everyone’s frustration of missed goals and restoration estimates from the power company. We will alert residents when any new information is received and remain hopeful for tangible progress. Thank you.