Our Mayor and Deputy Mayor are busy men. They have work , they have families, they have other personal and social obligations. They have taken on the task of running our township in an exemplary manner with no regard to personal gain. They attend every town council meeting, sit on the various subcommittees, answer each and every question put to them and follow through on all measures required by law and public interest. Every email we have ever sent has been answered, every meeting has been met with serious concern for the question at hand. They go way beyond what one would expect of unpaid elected officials. 

We rarely have township officials so amenable to listening to public concerns and seeking input. They are wise as well as efficient and operate in a totally nonpartisan way. They are committed to benefiting the general welfare of the entire Millburn/Short Hills community. The fight against appropriation of Millburn property by a neighboring township, the efficiency and thoroughness in planning and oversight of  the Safe Streets project, the Mack-Cali issues, all are testaments to their ability to deal with serious and complicated issues. 

Ted Bourke and Ian Mount truly deserve our votes on Election Day. Our township deserves the best representatives we can find, and these men definitely fit that description. We are so much better off for having them continue in office. 

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Judith & William Eisner ( Residents of the township for over 40 years)