SPRINGFIELD, N.J.-A scheduled campaign speech by Vice President Mike Pence was supposed to be held at Baltusrol Golf Club on Friday, August 10, but was moved at the last minute to the Trump Bedminster course. The speech was in support of Jay Webber, who is running against Mikie Sherrill for the vacant seat in New Jersey’s 11thcongressional district. Protestors, however, still showed up in Springfield to make their message heard.

The group, which consisted of approximately 20 protestors from SOMA Action, NJ7 Forward and the National Organization for Women started their protest at Springfield Veterans Memorial Park, before marching up to the corner of Mountain Avenue and Shunpike Road. The group had initially planned to march up past the front gate of Baltusrol, turning around at Bryant Park and making another pass down in front of the gate, but after the speech was moved the group returned to its spot in veterans park to take photos before packing up and heading to Bedminster to continue the protest.

Julia Gillies was one of the protesters in Springfield. Gillies, a resident of Rockaway Borough, was at the protest because in her words, it was important to make her voice and positions on key political topics heard.

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“I came to protest because I believe in equal women’s rights,” Gillies said. And both Pence and Webber and all the other candidates that are running on the GOP ticket do not.”

Gillies added, “I’m here today to represent women, equal rights and [say] that these people should not be voted in. They’re not representing the best interests of all people.”