From: Pranay Gangwal, Shri Singhvi, Shaunak Tanna, Karam Singh, Ranjit Kumar, Maninder, Swapnil Mehtal. Aditya Bhandari

As you know, most of us have been deeply concerned about the lack of governance in our town for quite a while. Poor road conditions, rising safety issues and robberies, worsening train commute, crowding in schools that led to creation of Washington School, uncontrolled spending and ever rising property taxes already had us all worried – And now hundreds of new very expensive apartment developments in guise of affordable housing have really brought all these issues and suspect motives of town leadership to the forefront.  These things now threaten the very reasons why many of us chose to make Millburn/ShortHills home for us and our children. 

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With that in mind, the election on Nov 5, 2019 is very critical for us if we want to influence where the town goes from here. As a group, we have spent a lot of time over the past few weeks attending forums, reading materials, talking to lawyers, and vetting the candidates. WE WANT TO ASSURE YOU THAT WE FOCUSED ON FACTS AND ISSUES AND NOT ON PARTISAN PARTY POLITICS. Based on all that due diligence, we as a group believe voting for Agnes/Sharon is the right approach in this election. Agnes is not a panacea to all the problems but she is better than the alternative. Our hope is that in Nov 2020 election, some other responsible citizens would also be able to step up and run to ensure that residents’ voices are heard and priorities are adequately represented.  

So why do we recommend Agnes/Sharon over Dianne/Rich slate:

  • Dianne/Rich appear to be backing a troubling increase in new developments of high end apartments in guise of affordable housing apartments. Dianne believes that will raise tax revenues but not create any school crowding. That argument is highly flawed. Already number of new students expected from Mack-Cali are 100-125 vs anticipated of 50 or less. Agnes is supporting more prudent, planned and controlled approach on this. To be honest, more needs to be done creatively by all parties to solve this real issue. 
  • Dianne has often come across as abrasive, ideological, and closed minded in her comments to her constituents. That was observed by many in the town hall meetings. She has been unwilling to listen to town residents on developments, tax dollar spending and road safety as well. Agnes on the other hand seem more approachable and open minded on solutions
  • Agnes is well qualified – a corporate lawyer at Fidelity Investments. She is likely to bring more professionalism hopefully to the way town government operates
  • Dianne has been on township committee for 3 years with no notable achievements in this period. Her campaign pitch is blaming past committees for these issues. Since she cannot fight this election based on accomplishments, anyone questioning her dubious track record is being called “Trumpian” or other names to discredit opposing point of views. 
  • Dianne and her supporters are engaging in a divisive campaign than debating on real issues – In a town that has embraced diversity in recent years, despicable letter written by her supporter and shared by Dianne on Facebook shows that Dianne lacks judgment and empathy to be in this important office. 
  • Finally, maintaining the quality of school experience, safety, and investment in our homes is sacrosanct to all of us. Dianne’s policies are likely to adversely impact all of them.  

Unfortunately, there is a never a perfect candidate and we cannot guarantee what candidates will do upon getting elected. But from what we have learned so far, Agnes is likely to be better for our town than Dianne

Every single leader of the town – whether democrat or republican should be and will be held accountable going forward - be it Agnes or Sharon or Dianne or Rich. Dianne is trying to turn this into a republican vs democrat agenda when in reality it should be about the town and the issues we are facing. Days of using party politics to forward hidden agendas, garner votes, and emotionally blackmail voters should be over. It is time to put Millburn / Short Hills residents and their priorities first and that is the message we should all send in this election.

So please GO OUT AND DEFINITELY VOTE on NOV 5th AND IDEALLY FOR AGNES/SHARON SLATE if you agree with our assessment. Please feel free to reach out to any of us if you have any questions. 




The views expressed here are after careful consideration of issues facing the town and are personal opinions of the authors and do not reflect opinion of their employers. We encourage everyone to do their own due diligence. This group is not affiliated to any political party or other organization and is only motivated by its concern for the local issues. This is neither authorized or financed or approved by any candidate. The letter is intended to only express opinion and not malign any individual, body, party, anyone or anything