As of 8:30 this morning, following our conversation with representatives of JCP&L regarding power restoration efforts throughout the Township this is the information we are able relay.

The Hartshorn school and close surrounding areas remain without power despite estimates from JCP&L that power would be restored yesterday. It has been stated that progress was slowed by having to hand dig new poles because of their close proximity to gas and water lines. JCP&L sounded confident that power would be restored to Hartshorn school by noon today. We will receive confirmation of that and quickly disseminate that information to residents.

There will be 49 crews working in and around Millburn Township to restore power to our residents. Side streets should begin to see activity as crews begin tackling street-by-street issues. Mark Jones will also be providing a street-by-street listing of outages they have on record so that we can verify that their listing matches up with our reports of outages.

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JCP&L is reporting less than 1000 customers in Millburn Township without power. We continue to give them any information we currently have or receive regarding downed poles and continued outages.

Residents will continue to be updated throughout the day via CodeRed and the Township website of any updates we receive.  Thank you.