Memories Live, a non-profit 501(c)3 organization dedicated to helping individuals living with life-limiting illnesses create “life movies” for their families and friends, has just completed its 90th movie. Kerry Glass, Memories Live founder, has had a very busy and productive year, creating movies for incredible people -- among them were a Vietnam vet, a musician, an EMT, an artist, a professor, an Olympic gymnast, a stay at home Mom & Dad and many other inspiring people.  

“I’m honored that these amazing people allow me to enter their lives at such a delicate time to share their stories with me. It’s their passion in wanting to leave a legacy for their loved ones that keeps me going and fuels my fire to keep filming,” stated Glass.

To help Glass continue to make movies at no cost for individuals living with a terminal illness, Memories Live has teamed up with Flywheel Sports Millburn to host the 3rd Memories Ride on Saturday, March 28, 1 PM, at Flywheel Sports, Millburn, NJ. To register or donate to the event visit the event website at  

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The mission of Memories Live is to help people with life-limiting illnesses preserve their images, stories and wisdom by creating personalized movies to pass on to their loved ones. The proceeds from the event will go directly to Memories Live for making movies.

Memories Live was created in 2010 by Millburn resident Kerry Glass after she heard about a young mother who had lung cancer and was taken from her family too soon. She left behind not only a husband, but also two children under the age of six. Glass felt if the mother had created a video recording of her life, her hopes and dreams for her kids, perhaps those children would have had some solace and some sense of who their mom was. 

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