MILLBURN, NJ - The following is a candidate statement from Robert Tillotson.

My name is Robert Tillotson and I am a candidate for progress. I’m running for re-election to the Township Committee because I believe that Millburn / Short Hills is an exceptional place to live and raise a family. We must have experienced, qualified and forward-thinking elected representatives whose first priority is to safeguard the quality of life in our township and ensure that our governing body is consistently working to make Millburn / Short Hills a better place – both now and for the next generation. I have faithfully served our community as a Committeeman, Deputy Mayor and Mayor since 2008, and I’ve served on a wide range of local and regional boards and committees handling the most critical issues that face our Township. I’m a resident of Millburn / Short Hills for over 25 years, and I have enjoyed my deep engagement within our community as an activist, as a representative of the governing body and as a parent raising my own family alongside my wife, Suzan. I have a strong sense of commitment to our Township, and I believe I have demonstrated that throughout my service.

My experience and record stands for itself and sets me distinctly apart from all other candidates, but the more important message I would like to offer to the residents of our Township is one of positive progress. We are a uniquely great town – I think we have the potential to be the best in America – but we also have important issues to navigate that will set the trajectory of our Township for years to come. In the coming days, and especially on Election Day, our residents will have to decide which two candidates represent the best path to success for our Township.  I hope I’m one of them.  

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Progress is not easy. Progress is not always instantaneous. Progress requires level-headed leadership and an inclusive, fact-based approach that will allow genuine intentions and innovative thinking to breed success. Alarmism without evidence and criticism without solutions is just noise and a distraction that impedes results. 

My commitment to our residents as a candidate for Township Committee is that I will be a voice and a facilitator for progress and positivity. I’m experienced and fully engaged in the issues facing our Township, more than all other candidates combined. I will ensure that we work together, with the interests of the township to find positive, realistic and constructive ideas to solve problems and move forward. Millburn is not a one issue town. We have many important issues to address – from storm water management to athletic fields to COAH housing concerns and responsible fiscal management – and we need stable, experienced leadership to move us forward.

I believe that I am the right candidate to meet these challenges and I’m eager to continue my service to our Township so that we can achieve the progress that our residents and families deserve.  


Committeeman Robert Tillotson