On Thursday morning, September 20, the Union County Senior Citizens Council is sponsoring a special program on “In-Home Medical Options” at L'Affaire in Mountainside.   The purpose of the program is to explain how to improve our care at home, utilizing technology and other special healthcare services that are now available.
“According to a recent study, one in five New Jersey Medicare patients discharged from the hospital returns within thirty days,” said Richard Stone, Executive Director of the Union County Senior Citizens Council. “In order to reduce the high hospital readmissions we need to improve the quality and efficiency in our healthcare programs.  This is where technology and preventative care can make a difference.”
“Managing care at home involves a host of different needs, which places additional pressures on the loved ones who care for us,” added Ellen Steinberg, Chair of the Senior Council. “Whether it is visiting nurse organizations or community services, we need to ease the transition home.”
The program will feature speakers from hospitals and service organizations.  Andrew Miller, the Medical Director of Healthcare Quality Strategies will discuss the funding issues of Medicare.  Bernadette Pryor of Trinitas Regional Medical Center and Karen Winter of Jewish Family Services will explain a new hospital to home transition program that has recently been developed.  Susan Grinkevich, the vice-president of home care at Holy Redeemer will present some of the latest in-home health technology that is available including Telemonitoring and Coagucheck. 
Doors will open at 9:00am with a continental breakfast.  Attendees will have the opportunity to browse the numerous informational exhibits on display.  The formal program will run from 10:15am to 11:30am with time for questions at the end. 
For more information or to RSVP please contact the Union County Senior Citizens Council at (908) 964-7555.  The Senior Citizens Council is a not-for-profit organization devoted to the needs of older Americans, their families and caregivers.