SHORT HILLS, N.J. — Local attorney Karolina Dehnhard was recently honored by the Trade Commission of the Consulate General of the Republic of Poland for her work in the advancement of global women empowerment. An immigrant at the age of six and a divorcee herself at the age of 30, inspired her work with the Polish Consulate to bring her story full circle. Dehnhard sees this collaboration "as a platform for me to help those women who find themselves in need of direction, support or advise, legal or otherwise."

Dehnhard, a matrimonial and family law attorney, with the Short Hills-based law firm of Budd Larner, P.C., is also the founder of Divorce Dynasty in 2017. Divorce Dynasty is described as "a group of attorneys, doctors, accountants, therapists, financial professionals, realtors and life coaches who are each a champion of their respective roles in the divorce process." This organization looks to further their goal of empowerment to "help and counsel women who face those difficult, but necessary decisions."

Dehnhard "[does] not want any woman, whether for lack of knowing the language if the country in which they reside, or because they are afraid in the context of a marriage that should be safe, to feel lost, unprepared or stifled." 

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She focuses on giving women a voice around the world. Her global endeavors include a Think Tank promoting emerging women entrepreneurs in Ireland to meeting with women in Cuba who are finding their voice after decades of suppression.  

On a local level, Dehnhard works with many women leaders and entrepreneurs in Essex, Union, and Morris Counties to bring her message to help women "in her own backyard." Through local events, seminars and speeches, Dehnhard and the Divorce Dynasty team spread information on relevant topics for women with the goal of empowerment. The group's aim is "to ensure that each and every one of their clients become the best woman they can possibly be."

Listeners can hear Dehnhard on her two weekly radio programs, "The Law Matters," and a polish radio show, "There is Always a Way Out." Dehnhard is also in the process of penning a book, "M.R.S. to E. S. Q" about her journey. In 2016, she was honored with the Leading Women Intrapreneurs award, for her contribution on the advancement of women in the corporate sector.

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